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Buying the right hot tub can be a confusing business, with a mass of products to choose from and technical jargon that can be irrelevant or misleading to a first time buyer.

At Allpools and Spas Ltd, we believe that selecting a hot tub should be a simple, enjoyable task. Our showsite is conveniently based with easy reach of areas such as Bristol, Bath, Taunton and Yeovil, giving you the chance to come and see the hot tubs in person and also ask our experts all of your important questions.

We have researched the market for ranges of hot tubs that meet the most important requirements for a hot tub user and our experts will spend time with you, discussing your requirements, the options that are available and making you feel confident that you are purchasing the right tub for you.

We normally have at least 6 hot tubs on permanent display, allowing customers to check on how good and how comfortable our tubs really are. We will always try to give you good, straightforward, uncomplicated advice on making the most from your hot tub.

After extensive research of the market, we have selected two brands that offer our customers the best combination of comfort, performance, choice and value for money.

From Bristol to Bath and Yeovil to Taunton, our customers come from all over the South West of the UK for our expert advice on hot tubs while enjoying a seamless buying process where all requirements are met.

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