Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools turn the dream of owning a pool into a reality for many people.
All that is required is a level area, some DIY expertise and a (relatively) small amount of money.
We provide three main types of above ground pools, offering a range of sizes, styles and prices.

Steel/resin sided pools

These pools are normally 52" deep and equipped with a powerful pump, sand filter and ladder. Prices start at £1460, going up to £3140 for a 33 by 15 foot pool.

Wooden pools

Wooden pools are a new development in the UK market, offering a very attractive alternative to steel and resin sided pools. They can be set partially or totally in ground and can be set into a slope or hillside. The wooden coping round the top provides a safe place to enter the pool and can be linked with decking to blend the pool into the landscaping.


We also supply a wide range of accessories for above ground pools including cartridge filters, winter and solar covers, cleaning kits and a range of heaters.