Pool Heating

Pool Heating

Allpools and Spas Ltd can supply a wide range of means of heating your pool and we are very happy to discuss and cost the options that are available to enable you to have the best solution.

Electric. This simple, in-line heating system is relatively inexpensive to buy (although the provision of a suitable electrical supply may add significant extra expense) and can be used either as the primary heating system or as a booster in conjunction with other systems such as solar to extend the season or to give greater control.

Gas, propane or oil boilers. These units can be installed either outdoors or in a plantroom and provide quick, efficient heating of the pool water.

Heat pumps. These are a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating the pool, utilising heat form the air to warm the water. Their lower cost of running and simplicity means that they are the most popular way of heating outdoor, inground pools.

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