The winter months are upon us and as always, we are dreading the frosty nights. While some may keep warm by sitting in front of the TV, those who are more fortunate get to be toasty in a bubbling hot tub on these cold winter evenings. Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing can make you jollier than gazing up at the stars on a cold and frosty night, relaxing as you are massaged in warm, crystal-clear waters. However, hot tubs are not just for relaxing, and Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. So why not throw a party that is both unique and memorable by hosting your very own Christmas hot tub party. Make your Christmas hot tub party the talk of the town following our Christmas hot tub party checklist.

Make Sure Your Hot Tub is sparkling clean

For your holiday celebration, the water in the hot tub should sparkle like a diamond. Clean your hot tub and the space around it thoroughly before hosting visitors. If it has been a while since you have done so, you should clean or replace your filter, test, and balance your water, and use shock a shock treatment. If it has been three months or more since you last drained your hot tub, you should do so now. Not forgetting the necessary sanitizers. Adding some aromatherapy to enhance your guest’s experience. You could have Christmas themed scents such as pine tree, cinnamon, or candy cane.

Transform Your Hot Tub into a Winter Wonderland

Decorations and lighting are essential to ensure that everyone feels super festive. If your hot tub is covered by a gazebo or garden building, make sure you adorn your spa area with extra tinsel and fairy lights! Consider using mistletoe, wreaths, and floating water lights. If you’re stuck for ideas, a fast Google search will provide hundreds of excellent Christmas decor ideas! Try wrapping a long red ribbon around your hot tub to make it look like a large present and adorn it with waterproof bows. Add wintery features by hanging plastic snowflakes and lights, place reindeer dĂ©cor and inflatable snowman throughout your garden, and marking the path to your hot tub with cardboard candy cane pathway markers. A few Christmas decorations not only assist to make you feel more festive, but a few lights help to make your hot tub appear even more inviting, create fantastic ambience, and get your guests in the Christmas spirit.

Turn on your patio heaters

A patio heater is the perfect method to heat the area around your hot tub on chilly evenings. Some of your guests may want to step out of the water occasionally and having a warm pleasant space can be wonderful for them to sit, eat, drink and be merry.

Serve Festive Food and Drinks

In order to have a successful party, food and drink must be provided. Have some finger foods ready for guests to snack on as they get in and out of the hot tub. If your guests decide to take a break from soaking in the hot tub, you can help keep them warm by providing hot beverages to sip on while they wait. It is not advised to consume any alcohol until after your soak Alcohol and hot tubs can lead to dizziness, dehydration, and heat exhaustion. Keep your guests hydrated by offering mulled apple juice and peppermint tea, as well as water with cinnamon or orange slices. While it’s best to limit alcoholic beverages while soaking in a hot tub, a warm drink like hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys and marshmallows, a glass of mulled wine, or a mug of mulled cider will do the trick. Try to keep food out of the hot tub and provide plastic cups to avoid bringing glass anywhere near the tub.

The perfect Christmas soundtrack

If your hot tub does not have built-in speakers, bring your portable Bluetooth speakers outside. If you don’t already have portable Bluetooth speakers, they make an excellent Christmas present for the whole family! A music playlist in the background can help to set the holiday spirit. Make your own music, hire a DJ, or seek for online playlists! They are freely accessible through platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music. Sing along to traditional Christmas songs or dance to contemporary festive music. Will you choose cheerful vintage oldies like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” or something newer like Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”? Make a playlist ahead of time so you can play the ideal soundtrack to your party without having to be a DJ all night. Blast all of your favourite holiday tunes and have a holly, jolly hot tub sing-a-long

Make sure you have plenty of extra towels

Remind guests to bring their own towels, slippers, a warm robe, and a swimwear. Make sure to have extra in case someone forgets to bring these necessities (or is too cheeky and wants to soak in their birthday suit). When the weather is cold, guests will not want to reuse a damp, cold towel. Why not have a bunch of towels in a warm spot inside that can be handed out to guests as needed? If you want to surprise your guests, get them a new Christmas hot tub costume. Hand out hot tub-themed gifts before the soak, such as new bathing suits, Christmas bathrobes, or fuzzy hot tub slippers. This will get everyone really excited for the night ahead.

Bring out some festive hats 

While you wouldn’t ordinarily wear a hat in a hot tub, keep in mind that it will most likely be cold outside. Because the bulk of your body’s heat is lost through your head, wearing a hat helps to keep your head warm. Given the season, why not provide a variety of warm, cheerful novelty hats, such as Santa hats and Santa’s little helper hats, complete with bells? They will not only keep you and your guests warm, but they will also provide you with lots of opportunities to laugh and be merry. You could even have a holiday hat contest with a prize for the most spectacular hat.

S’mores the merrier

When people aren’t enjoying the hot tub, have s’mores over the fire in your garden. Make sure that there are plenty of holiday activities, so your guests are always entertained.

Merry Christmas from All POOLS & SPAS

A hot tub Christmas party is an excellent way to spend the holiday season with friends and family. From tiny get-togethers to neighbourhood celebrations, your hot tub is the ideal way to make it unforgettable.

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All POOLS & SPAS hope you have a wonderful and merry time celebrating the Christmas holidays!


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