The market for hot tubs in the holiday let market is rapidly growing, with a hot tub becoming one of the most searched for aspects for this type of break.

We supply hot tubs to a large number of holiday lets, both large and small. If you are looking to add this extra facility to your site, we can offer advice as to the best tub for your holiday let as well as a superb range of tubs that have been proven in this demanding market.

All being HSG282 compliant for your holiday let or lodge.

We are BISHTA regulated and a WhatSpa Professional accredited dealer.

If you let out holiday homes, there are many regulations to follow.

You need to ensure your hot tub is HSG282 compliant and follow the guidelines.

A brief breakdown of requirements.

Water Capacity – the hot tub should offer at least 250 litres of water per person. This is to ensure that the hot tub doesn’t exceed the maximum number of people at any given time.

24hr Filtration – make sure that your hot tub has a constant filtration cycle that runs 24 hours per day so that the water is always been cleaned and filtered to remove suspended particulate matter or debris that’s in the water.

In-line Sanitisation – This is a requirement to assist in keeping levels of residual sanitiser within the water during active use, pre & post bathing. No floating dispensers.

Cleaning and draining – The whole body of water must be flushed, drained and refilled after every group of users or weekly (whichever is sooner). For example, 1 family group check out of the lodge and another family check in, the water must be drained, refilled and re sanitised BEFORE the next group can use the spa.

Record Keeping – Part of owning a hot tub at a holiday accommodation involves keeping a written record of your water care process and cleaning process. This will prove that the hot tub has been regularly checked twice a day.

We use our decades of experience in this sector to help find the right hot tub for your business setting.

Holiday Let Hot Tubs