Superior Spas – Holiday Let Spa


Designed purely for the Holiday Let market, this HSG-282 compliant hot tub offers a basic layout with no breakable or removable components and is simple to use. A built in chemical sanitation system combines with UV/Ozone and a circulation pump to maintain ongoing water quality, while the simple one touch operation topside controls means this spa is very easy for customer to use.

There is a further controller hidden within the spa where you can set heat and filter settings, which is out of reach and cannot be tampered with. To help improve longevity the spa is fitted with a flexible yet robust cabinet to cope with the harsh environment these spas are installed in.

Product made in USA


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Holiday Let Spa

People 5 person

Size 201 x 201 x 84cm

Jets 32

1249 litres

Gecko™ EU / 3.0 HP & Circulation pump

13amp & 32amp


Standard Features

  • 2″ drain valve
  • WaterwayOrion Jets
  • GeckoYE Class Pack
  • GeckoK120/330 Digital Control
  • SimpleClear UV-C WP
  • 2kw or 3kw Heater
  • GeckoEU Pump
  • RMAX®Insulation Panels
  • ConferGray Maintenance Free Skirting
  • Single Master Massage Footwell Jet
  • ABS Bottom-Wrap
  • Standard Cover


Acrylic Colours

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver