Wellis – MYLINE Jupiter

£8,399 £5,999

The Jupiter hot tub provides enough room for as many as 6 people, and its 2×2 meter size will comfortably fit in your home. The MySeat™ feature provides perfectly comfortable seating. Moreover, one of the seats is equipped with the MyJets™ design, which relieves neck and shoulder pains.

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Wellis  – MYLINE Jupiter

Measurements (L × W × H) 2000 × 2000 × 870 mm

Reclining / Sitting places 1 / 5

Net weight / Water volume 300 kg / 1100 l

Frame Impregnated solid wood

Side cover HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured

Reinforcement Poli-MAX™

Insulation Polyfoam (1 cm)

Drains 1 pc at the bottom

Opt. power requirement

Min. power requirement*

1 × 23A 230V/50Hz

1 × 10A 230V/50Hz

Control box Gecko (IN.YJ-2)

Control panel Easy4

Total number of jets 46 pcs

Heater 2 kW

Pumps 1 × 3 HP double speed

Cartridge filter 2 pcs Superfine paper filters

Water sanitization Ozone generator

LED lights 15 pcs LED

Headrests 3 pcs

Sound system MyMusic™ 2.0

Thermo cover yes

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Midnight Canyon

Midnight Canyon

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds