Wellis Rio Grande W-Flow


Spa and swimming pool in one! It can be a relaxing time with the family or workout, relaxing swimming, the Rio Grande swim spa provides opportunity for all of them.

It is the perfect combination of a well-equipped spa and a swimming pool used as gym equipment suitable for a complete workout.

Besides its purpose of a swimming pool, it contributes to the perfect freshening wellness experience with a massage section. With the easy access to the swimming area, we can easily change between the pampering wellness and the sport activity that moves the whole body.


In a traditional swim spa, the user has to switch on/off the pumps manually for finding the proper water flow which fits their fitness level. The Rio Grande swim spa is equipped with brand new swim software. The user can choose six-speed levels from the slowest, most comfortable “floating” to the hardest exercise. Similarly to a modern treadmill, you can predefine the swimming speeds one after another, so you can insert slower stages between the swimming sprint.

See below for detailed specification.




Wellis Rio Grande W-Flow

Measurements (L Ă— W Ă— H) 6 000 Ă— 2 350 Ă— 1 470 mm

Reclining / Sitting places 1 / 5

Net weight / Water volume 1 380 kg / 6 463 l

Frame Stainless steel

Side cover HorizontSide™ or semi-inground

Reinforcement Fiberglass reinforced

Insulation Polyfoam (2 cm)

Drains 1 + 1 pc at the bottom

Min. power req.* (hydro massage) 1 Ă— 20A 230V/50Hz

Min. power req.* (swim spa) 1 Ă— 31A 230V/50Hz

Control box Gecko (IN.YE-3 + IN.YE-8)

Control panel 2 Ă— SmartTouch

Total number of jets 40 pcs

Waterfall 1 pc

Laminar fountain jets 3 Ă— 3 pcs

Heater 3 kW

Pumps (hydromassage) 2 pcs 3 HP single speed + Circ. pump

Pumps (swim spa) 3 Ă— 3 HP 2 speed + Circ. pump

Cartridge filter 2 pcs + 1 pc antibacterial paper filters

Water sanitization 2 pcs UV-C

LED lights 16 + 18 pcs LED

Headrests 3 pcs

Sound system AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1

SmartPhone app – wifi connection yes

Thermo cover yes

Options: Scandinavian insulation (3,5 cm)

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

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