Master Spas Swim Spas

Swim. Exercise. Relax.

Swim, jog, walk, and exercise in water without the stress gravity has on your body. Relax with massaging spa jets in the perfect water temperature, year-round. This alternative to a pool has benefits for you and your entire family.


We offer the full range of Swim Spas. They offer fitness, wellbeing, family time and swim training for all levels, in a compact unit from 3.4m (12ft) to 6m (20ft) in length. We now offer over 16 models to choose from so you will be able to find the right Swim Spas for you.

They are ideal for people who want to exercise, have a relaxing massage and who do not have the space for a conventional pool and spa. With an effective heater and excellent insulation, the Swim spa can be used all year round.

We offer a wide range of swim spas, starting from a compact model for swimming and a couple of massage seats through to a large twin zone unit with its own hot tub.