Allpools and Spas Ltd specialise in the design, supply, installation and refurbishment of swimming pools and the supply and commissioning of hot tubs. We are happy to provide the best quality products to a number of customers throughout Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

We have been operating in Central Somerset for more than 30 years and have our showsite at Dobbies Garden Centre in Shepton Mallet. On site, there is a working Endless Pool, a Waterwell with Hydraulic Treadmill and at least 10 hot tubs, 2 of which are normally running. These are all housed in our range of cabins and there are also a number of other cabins on site for you to see.

As well as all this, there is our shop selling an extensive range of pool and hot tub chemicals as well as pool accessories.


Our aim is to make the process of buying, installing and owning a pool or hot tub an enjoyable experience by taking a flexible approach to meet specific customer requirements and by taking the mystery and complexity out of the process.

We cover both the domestic and commercial markets throughout Somerset and work especially closely with the leisure industry, which includes holiday parks.

Quality Hot Tubs

We are an independent company that is able to source the best range of products for our customers, rather than be tied into a specific supplier.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

We have researched the market for ranges of hot tubs that meet the most important requirements for a hot tub user and will spend time with you, discussing your requirements, the options that are available and making you feel confident that you are purchasing the right tub for you.

Apart from offering you good, impartial advice, we can also offer some of the leading brands within the hot tub industry. And now with our new ‘Wet test’ area, you can see how good they really are.

Endless Pools

We have been dealers for the superb Endless Pool range for the last 8 years and cover a large part of the South West.

Endless Pool Range Allpools and Spas

This unique product offers a superb swimming experience in a space of only 8 foot by 15 foot. Its modular design allows it to be built virtually anywhere and is therefore ideal for installation in cellars, garages or outbuildings. Alternatively, we can provide a variety of buildings to house the unit and provide a year round exercise and fun centre.

Just to give you an idea of what you could have, we have a working Endless Pool in a cabin big enough to also house gym equipment and a changing area.

Swimming Pools Allpools and Spas

Swimming Pools

Allpools and Spas Ltd are able to offer a wide range of design, specification and construction services covering all aspects of pool build. We work with our clients to design a pool and a surround to meet their exact requirements and that will be an enjoyable asset for many years to come.

Our construction and installation approach covers conventional block and liner construction, bespoke and one piece fibreglass pools and the top of the range concrete and tiled pools, offering a range of aesthetics and price options.

Hot Tub Gazebos and Log Cabins

Log Cabins and Gazebos

In association with our sister company, Log Cabin Sales Ltd, we are able to offer an incredibly wide range of Log Cabins and Gazebos that can be used either as an attractive and cost effective way to enclose pools and hot tubs or as associated buildings for plantrooms, changing rooms etc.

allpools and spas chemical and accessories

Chemicals and Accessories

Allpools and Spas Ltd stock an extensive range of pool and hot tub water treatments as well as accessories for both the pool and hot tub market in our retail unit at Dobbies Garden Centre, based in Somerset.