Buying the right hot tub can be a confusing business, with a mass of products to choose from and technical jargon that can be irrelevant or misleading to a first time buyer.

At Allpools and Spas Ltd, we believe that selecting a tub should be a simple, enjoyable task.

We have researched the market for ranges that meet the most important requirements for the user and will spend time with you, discussing your requirements, the options that are available and making you feel confident that you are purchasing the right tub for you.

We normally have at least 10 tubs on permanent display, allowing customers to check on how good and how comfortable our tubs really are. And we will try to give you good, straightforward, uncomplicated advice on making the most from your hot tub.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs Allpools and Spas

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Beachcomber have been producing quality tubs in Canada for over thirty years and offer the following qualities across the complete range.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Allpools and Spas

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Designed to improve your lifestyle and offer a better way of taking care of yourself, Jacuzzi® tubs are the most complete and versatile synthesis of shared well-being.

Superior Spa Hot Tubs

Superior Spa Hot Tubs

Superior Spas bring you one of the most energy efficient spas in the industry.

Swimspa Hot Tubs


The Swimspa combines an effective counter current swimming end with a relaxing massage section, all in a length of less than 5 metres.

Holiday Let Hot Tubs

Holiday Lets

The market for hot tubs in the holiday let market is rapidly growing, with a hot tub becoming one of the most searched for aspects for this type of break.