Finding the right Hot Tub for you…

At All POOLS and SPAS, we believe that selecting a hot tub should be a simple, enjoyable task.

We continuously research the market for ranges we can meet the most important requirements for the user. Discussing your requirements and options that are available, so we can better understand your expectations. We make you feel confident by increasing your knowledge that you are purchasing the right tub for you.

We normally have at least 20 products on permanent display, so customers can check on how good and how comfortable our tubs really are. And we will try to give you good, straightforward, uncomplicated advice so you can get the most from your hot tub.


and find the right hot tub for you


Master Spas Hot Tubs

America’s largest hot tub and swim spa manufacturer. All Master Spa hot tubs are built in Fort Wayne, Indiana in their state-of-the-art 33-acre manufacturing campus. All hot tub models benefit from class-leading efficiency, so giving lower costs and exceptional build quality.

Aqua Cedar Wooden Hot tubs

Aqua Cedar Hot Tubs

Experience the best of both worlds with our Aqua Cedar range of wooden hot tubs that combine leading design and function with the natural beauty of cedar wood. Our American Cedar hot tubs warranty is extensive, so you can enjoy peace of mind and relax in style.


Wellis Hot Tubs

WELLIS are Europe’s leading hot tub manufacturer. Helping people change to a healthier lifestyle and demand high quality personal wellness equipment in their homes.

Garden Leisure Hot tubs

Garden Leisure Hot Tubs

Garden Leisure believes a spa provides the powerful combination of massage and hot water. They strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage.

Designed and built in America their hot tubs are for the very best massage experience. Their innovative jets are designed for specific muscle groups, and delivering powerful streams of water. Designed so you can customize to your desired pressure, therefore placing you in control. Plus, their energy saving structure system reduces energy costs by keeping the heat locked in.

Swimspa Hot Tubs


Swim Spas combine an effective counter current swimming end and relaxing massage section. This results in better fitness and wellbeing. They are an all in product that suits your lifestyle. With over 16 to choose from to suite your requirements and budget.

Holiday Let Hot Tubs HSG282 compliant

HSG282 Holiday Lets Hot Tubs

The market for hot tubs in the holiday let market is rapidly growing. A hot tub has become one of the most searched for aspects for this type of break.

We will help you grow your properties potential, with professional guidance on the right product and HSG282 compliance.