The key to our approach is flexibility. Whether the requirement is indoor or out, for a small in-ground fun pool or a large formal pool set in landscaped grounds, Allpools and Spas Ltd is able to provide the solution.

We are able to offer the option of selecting from a complete package including:

  • Design and specification
  • Excavation
  • Pool shell construction
  • Lining (vinyl liner, fibreglass or concrete and tile finish)
  • Equipment installation and pipework
  • Pool surround
  • Commissioning
  • Landscaping
  • Telescopic glazed enclosures
  • Complete pool buildings

However, if customers want to carry out some of these elements, we are happy to provide the services that they specifically require and offer help and advice in the overall process.

Whatever type of pool you want, Allpools and Spas Ltd are able to provide the right solution. Our range of options include

  • Block and liner
  • Heavy duty on-site liner
  • Fibreglass bespoke
  • One piece fibreglass pools
  • Concrete and tile

Apart from offering a complete turnkey package, we are also able to supply self build options for any brave individuals who wish to build their own pools.

We are also happy to provide specialist services for builders who are carrying out works for a client and who wish to incorporate a pool within the project.

Pool Refurbishment

If your pool is starting to show signs of age, we can help to bring it back to its former glory, or even give it a new lease of life, with extra facilities, reduced running costs or improved aesthetics.

The major elements of refurbishment that we undertake include;

Liner replacement. This includes the removal of the original liner, making good any problems with the existing pool shell, pressure testing and fitting new gaskets.

Concrete tiled/marbolite pools. Whether a minor facelift such as re-grouting existing tiling  or a complete facelift with new tiles or replacing a tired marbolite/painted finish with a stunning tiled finish, Allpools and Spas Ltd are able to breathe new life into your pool.

New filtration, heating or lighting. In addition to renewing old pipework, filters and pumps, we are also able to upgrade a pool by adding heating (including some very energy efficient methods), covers and lighting including LED and fibre optic.

Safety covers. If you are concerned about the safety of your pool, we are able to retrofit special covers that prevent unauthorised access to the pool as well as reducing chemical and running costs.

New pool surrounds. In addition to the above elements, we can also replace copings, slabbing, decking or even landscaping the area.