Master Spas Challenger 15D


The Challenger 15 D features a large uninhibited area that is perfect for swimming, exercise, and family fun. The Airless VIP Technology enhances the swim jet performance, and an adjustable speed system allows you to customize the pace. Plus, when it comes to hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, and relaxation, nothing compares to the Xtreme Therapy Seat and Xtreme Therapy Cove. The smallest footprint of any Challenger model, it’s ideal for small gardens.

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Once in the water, you’ll find that the H2X has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of fitness exercises. You can jog in place against a gentle current, use a kickboard or use the H2Xercise System that includes a rowing kit, resistance bands and the H2Xercise Aquatic Workout book and comes standard with all models.

With the jets off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range-of-motion exercises. Water buoyancy naturally makes exercising easy on the joints and this approach offers a total mind and body workout that is effective, yet gentle.

H2Xercise Rowing Kit and Resistance Bands: Easy to connect, use the rowing kit for upper body strength and endurance training. When you’re done, just release the four fastening points and store it in the durable H2Xercise bag for your next session. Multiple resistance bands and attachments are perfect for a wide variety of strength and flexibility exercises.

Master Spas Challenger 15D

Measurements (L Ă— W Ă— H) 457 Ă— 29 Ă— 153 cm (180 ” x 94″ x 60″)

Swim area / Sitting places 1 / 3

Dry weight / Full weight / Water capacity 1148 kg / 8870 kg / 7306 l

Insulation fullfoam

Cabinet Duramaster Premium Skirting

Power requirement 1 x 50A 230V/50Hz

Swim jets 6 pcs

Massage jets 45 pcs

Laminar fountain jets 4 pcs

waterfall 1 pc

Heater 3 kW

Pumps  3 × 3 Hp

Cartridge filter 3 pcs paper filters

LED lights Colour multi point water lighting & footwell lighting

Headrests 2 pcs

Sound system Fusion Bluetooth Sound System 

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